Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is the cloud oriented to the particular needs of the healthcare sector. Its implementation by healthcare centres helps them to digitally transform their organisations and face the current challenges of the sector, such as the management of remote care. It is a tool that makes it possible to manage medical information with the maximum guarantee of security and data protection. It also allows processes to be defined and personalised to alleviate the administrative burden and offer an improved patient experience.

Microsoftis supporting the healthcare sector with various solutions that foster the digital transformation of the sector. The short- and medium-term goals are more effective use of information and artificial intelligence for agile forecasting.

The most important features of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare are the following:

Improved patient experience

Microsoft Cloud provides a comprehensive view of the patient, with their history and all available information organised in such a way as to simplify decision-making. In addition, the tool integrates patient collaboration so that they can actively participate and manage certain points such as their appointments.

In addition, artificial intelligence incorporates interesting functionalities such as health care bots.

Increased productivity of medical staff

The tool facilitates the collaboration of the medical team in case management as well as coordination and decision making. The platform unites and works with the data and allows the medical team access and participation in real time.

On the other hand, it allows patients to be monitored remotely. This makes it possible to track recovery, rehabilitation and care management for disabilities and chronic diseases.

Medical data management

Artificial intelligence enables data-driven predictive analytics and risk assessment.

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