Microsoft Cloud: new clouds specialized in industries

Cloud specializes by industry with Microsoft Cloud for Industries

Microsoft Cloud for Industries emerges by bringing together common data models, cross-cloud connectors, workflows, APIs and industry-specific components with Microsoft's cloud services. These services include the Microsoft 365 suite of apps , Power Platform, Dynamics 365 and security solutions. The result is a set of platforms that deliver the full potential of Microsoft's digital transformation tools with industry-focused functionality in a safe and secure environment.

Microsoft's team of developers has built these solutions with advice and guidance from professionals in each industry to keep the challenges of each sector in mind at all times. Microsoft Cloud enables companies to 'go beyond', get better results and achieve ambitious goals. The technology takes care of paving this path to business success by optimizing and automating processes and leveraging all the data that the business brings in on a day-to-day basis.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Service

A platform for financial services with comprehensive functionality that meets high security and compliance standards. This is Microsoft Cloud for Financial Service. Financial services is a traditional industry that has experienced disruptions in recent years with emerging trends that are consolidated as e-commerce, fintechs or cryptocurrencies. In parallel to these advances, the change of locations from the physical to the digital space has been consolidating, a change also accelerated by the pandemic and the global situation that has resulted.

Against this backdrop, Microsoft Cloud for Financial Service offers a set of Microsoft solutions, unique templates, APIs and industry-specific standards with multiple layers of security and compliance. All of this integrated together provides a differentiated experience, fosters and enhances employee collaboration and productivity, helps manage risk and modernize systems. In this way, retail companies can create a 360-degree view of the customer with suggested actions and insights to make better decisions.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

A solution for intelligent systems and more agility in factories. Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing will be in public preview at the end of June, but we already know a few glimpses of what it will bring. It is an end-to-end solution designed to support the processes and specific requirements of the manufacturing industry. Basically, it will connect people, assets, workflows and business processes on a single platform. The result will be more resilient companies.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

A solution to accelerate impact. The social sector has disparate systems and disconnected data. These characteristics of its digitization are the sector's main challenges in addressing the next step in digital transformation. Microsoft offers an intelligent and connected platform to give more resources to NGO staff and volunteers. In addition, it takes care to put the focus on the work that really matters in the organization, i.e. the mission. This solution will be in public preview also at the end of June.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit connects the cloud to common NGO scenarios such as constituent engagement, program design and delivery, volunteer management and fundraising.


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