Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services brings together Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform functionality for the financial services industry in a single package.

On November 1, the Microsoft Cloud will be available for banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other companies in this sector. Microsoft Cloud for financial services offers the sector the digital tools needed to develop its activity and be competent in the market. The financial industry has greatly adapted its processes in the last year to continue its business despite the difficulties of the pandemic. Now, with Microsoft's vertical cloud, it is going one step further and the focus is on the global digitization of the sector and the reinforcement of security.

The cloud for financial services combines functionalities from Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform in Dataverse - what used to be the common data service. This tool modernizes core financial services systems with stringent multi-layered security and compliance measures. As major new features it deepens personalized customer interactions and automates loan management.

New Microsoft Cloud capabilities for financial services

This tool enables better interaction with customers. Firstly because it provides a unified customer profile showing financial, behavioral and demographic data. With this detailed information, it is much easier to personalize interactions and, consequently, improve the customer experience. It also provides employees with recommendations for next steps in the interaction and drives virtual interaction through new channels. Customer self-service tools are also incorporated through mobile apps and banking portals.

The digitization of the financial sector and the incorporation of processes into the cloud allows for simplification and increased performance . Batch-based core systems are modernized to operate in a more agile, data-centric and real-time manner.

Through automation, the loan granting process is optimized. In addition, it facilitates client onboarding.


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