New ClickDimensions: new landing page editor and HTTPS in CNAME

The latest update of ClickDimensions brings us new features highly demanded by the user community. A new 'drag and drop' editor for creating landing pages has been released in beta version, which will facilitate and speed up the creation of these web contents. In addition, another long awaited new feature is the ability to upload SSL certificates to ClickDimensions, so that you can create secure web content using the CNAME. These ClickDimensions and other enhancements introduced in March are discussed below.

Drag & Drop editor for landing pages

Users will be able to create landing pages through content blocks that can be dragged into the template. The style is also customized intuitively through tools that allow setting the font, colors, sizes, etc. There are different types of content such as text, button, images, icons, etc. The template is organized in sections - which can be added and removed. There are different types of content such as text, buttons, images, icons... The template is organized into sections - which can be added and deleted - and which, in turn, can be organized into columns. Within each section, content blocks can be incorporated. The sections also allow customization configurations.

Another important novelty is that it incorporates the possibility of visualizing the landing page created with this editor in other devices of different sizes.

HTTPS for web content with CNAME

A long awaited update is the ability to use a custom URL with HTTPS. Users will now be able to upload their SSL certificates to ClickDimensions in order to create secure web content using their CNAMEs.

Marketing goals in campaign automation

Possibility to set and monitor a marketing objective in each campaign automation. The following targets are available:

  • Completed form.
  • Subscription page completed.
  • Completed survey.
  • Interaction with email.
  • Added to marketing list.
  • Removed from marketing list.
  • Event registration.
  • Event attendance.
About ClickDimensions

It is a digital marketing platform natively integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows you to automate campaigns across multiple channels. Goom is the only gold partner of the company in Spain.


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