What's new in Dynamics 365 Sales

The release of Microsoft versions brings new features and improvements to Dynamics 365 Sales, the tool for sales optimization. The functionalities that we develop below will be updated from April to September, depending on the date of the releases of the Microsoft Directive.

Digital sales

A package of functionalities aimed at providing the sales team with methods and tools to sell intelligently.

Enabling intelligent and automatic assignment for leads

A lead distribution engine reduces manual work, balances the sales force's sales capacity and avoids losing leads that remain unassigned.

Work queue customization

Sales reps have multiple calls, meetings and other interactions with customers throughout their workday. Therefore, a worklist with flexible views and facilities to initiate calls and send emails without the need to switch between apps streamlines their work and impacts their productivity. Integration is strengthened with Outlook and Teams.

More productivity: salesperson KPIs and administrator dashboards

With KPIs and dashboards, sales targets and performance can be observed and analyzed in real time.

KPIs are performance indicators for sales reps that allow them to visualize different parameters in real time:

  • Number of eligible leads, calls and meetings.
  • Estimated value.

Dashboards for administrators allow you to view the performance of your equipment:

  • Number of active potential customers compared to previous periods.
  • Conversion rates.
  • Potential customers by type of origin and by commercial.
Automation and adaptive sequences

Sequence automation will save salespeople manual work so that they can focus on other tasks. Basically, sequence automation allows tasks to be executed automatically. For example, sending an e-mail. Sequence branching can be introduced to intelligently choose the next step to be performed.

Sales configuration

Administrators will now have a single point of entry for standard and premium sales configuration. This allows for greater visibility of sales configurations and greater organizational capabilities.

Optimization of consent management

Gives administrators greater visibility and ease of consent management for standard and premium features. For example, it eliminates the need for consent to share data when initiating a premium trial. Also, the status of consents is displayed on the configuration page and rejection or approval occurs with a single click.

Improved personal configuration

New options for the user to create email templates and forms with the new editor. Personal settings are reorganized in a dedicated area.

New page: premium overview

A new premium overview page for the sales configuration that includes new scenarios. For example, how to accelerate sales or build stronger customer relationships.

New page: previews

A new preview page to help administrators improve detection and benefit from preview features. A place to learn about and enable enhancements.

Interaction platform

To seamlessly integrate multiple communications providers with Sales so that salespeople can incorporate digital selling capabilities.

Integration with the telephone provider

With the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework with Telephony and IT, it will be possible to record those calls and apply artificial intelligence of conversations within Sales Insights.

Provide commercial information in any type of sales call.

Extracts information and knowledge from all types of calls.

Forecasting and analysis

Improved forecasting and predictive scoring.

Compatibility with customized tax periods

Compatibility of specific calendars with the fiscal calendar to give forecasters greater flexibility to select a customized fiscal period to match the business.


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