What's New in Teams | January 2022

We recap the most recent new features introduced in Microsoft Teams to improve the user experience in meetings and calls.

Microphones turned off during meetings

New functionality related to the mute mode to avoid background noise during meetings. Through a new keyboard shortcut it is possible to temporarily unmute the microphone to provide a comment to the meeting. When the keyboard is unmuted, the microphone continues to be muted. The keys are:

  • Ctrl + Space in Windows.
  • Option + Space in macOS.

This function is enabled by default and can be disabled in Settings.

Personalized backgrounds for web users

It is now possible to customize backgrounds in meetings for web users. Teams allows you to blur the background to focus attention on the speaker or select an image from those provided by Microsoft.

High fidelity music mode

With the high-fidelity music mode, users will be able to use sound expressions for a better experience. Basically, it allows sharing sound content beyond voice, such as audios or songs, through the signals picked up by the microphone and the audio played back. This significantly improves the audio cadence in calls and meetings.

To mirror or not to mirror the video

A very useful feature for those meetings in which the speaker has a whiteboard or some kind of readable information. Through a configurable option it is possible to activate and deactivate the video reflection so that the background can be seen in the occasions that require it correctly.

Walkie Talkie application on Zebra android devices and iOS mobile devices

This functionality recently added to Microsoft Teams is now also available for new devices. It will primarily benefit front-line workers by offering the opportunity for better and more concise communication management.

1:1 call transcription

The option to transcribe individual calls is enabled.


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