What's new in Microsoft's educational offerings

Microsoft announces a package of innovations and enhancements to its educational offerings to consolidate the new teaching model

Microsoft announces more than 30 improvements and new features for its educational apps. The goal is to support the next phase of education, an industry that has undergone an impressive digital transformation in the last year.

The sudden and accelerated shift from face-to-face to online classes has had spectacular results. The imperative need has accelerated the digitization processes and the software companies themselves have stepped up to the plate. In this regard, over the last year the Microsoft's educational offerings has been enriched and adapted to the sudden needs of the educational community. Now a new update package focuses on inclusiveness, security and collaboration to continue consolidating the hybrid environment.

What's new in Microsoft's educational offerings: improvements and updates

The enhancement package focuses on student learning, skill development and social learning. To this end, functionalities have been developed to help teachers create a holistic learning environment. In addition, an integrated space has been sought in which to advance education in line with the needs of the digital age.

  • Reading Progress, a feature for reading progress. A free tool that will be incorporated into Teams Education. It will enable teachers to create assignments that help improve students' reading fluency, either on a class-wide or individual basis. In addition, it is combined with Education Insights so that teachers can have an integrated view of student progress with trends and data.
  • New collaboration tools in Teams Education. Teachers will be able to streamline group work and integrate video and audio recordings into assignments. For their part, students will have new calendar integrations available to, for example, easily view their classes and assignments.
  • New security features for Teams Education. Supervised chat in Teams, a new flexible and personalized privacy and security setting. Through this functionality, designated teachers will be able to initiate conversations with students and will be prevented from initiating them.
  • Updates in Minecraft Education Edition. For example, it will be integrated into Teams.

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