Paradigm shift in the Human Resources Department

Digitalization and the paradigm shift in the Human Resources department: keys to transformation.

We are in a period of readaptation of the workspace. Beyond the decision of each company regarding on-site, remote work or hybrid space, digitization has become a point that makes the difference between businesses. This gap will widen in the coming years, displacing from the market those companies that have not been able to adapt.

Digital transformation has a double pillar. On the one hand, it involves the implementation of technological solutions to achieve the objectives of change and to optimize and automate business operations. But, on the other hand, this technological implementation will only be successful if, in parallel, there is a change in the company's work culture. Both workers and managers must adopt new work habits that allow them to take full advantage of digital tools.

Digitalization affects all areas of the company and Human Resources is no exception. Digital change is necessary to attract and retain talent in the 21st century. According to a study published by PwC, only 34% of companies manage HR processes digitally. There are different solutions for this area that allow the complete management of personnel and payroll, online training, etc. The solution must be integrated or connected with the rest of the business to make digitization more efficient. For example, Dynamics 365 Human Resources as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Opportunities arising from the paradigm shift in the Human Resources department.

Companies that adapt to the transformation are more competitive and are more aware of the new needs of the sector:

  • They build new experiences for employees.
  • New models of digital leadership are encouraged.
  • They are moving towards a new organizational model that is more agile and less hierarchical.
  • New learning tools emerge: more dynamic personal development models.
  • They work on employment branding, i.e. campaigns to attract new candidates.
  • New work monitoring methodologies are applied.
  • A new employee experience is obtained.

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