Marketing automation: what is it and what can it do for your company?

Marketing automation helps to optimise marketing and communication campaigns and actions through a digital platform.

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Digital has completely transformed the way we work and marketing is no stranger to this change. Like many other departments in companies, in recent years marketing and communication campaigns have been completely transformed to adapt to new user channels. For example, most of the social networks that are nowadays one of the main loudspeakers for businesses did not exist 15 years ago. In addition, the nature of messages and communication strategies have changed to fit the new social paradigm.

In this sense, digital channels and a more personalised approach to our users are key to any marketing plan. That is why in recent years marketing automation has been crucial for many companies and marketing and communication agencies. Basically, it is a software that allows to automate campaigns and personalise interactions with our users to achieve more conversions and higher engagement.

Marketing automation tools such as ClickDimensions allow complex marketing processes to be developed with more efficient execution and prioritisation of actions. Two methods that are combined in this automation are lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Lead nurturing

According to a study by Marketing Sherpa, only 73% of leads are converted into customers. Lead nurturing consists of building stable and productive relationships with users. In other words, strengthening links with your brand through a personalised communications strategy that responds to the real needs of your users. This is achieved with a marketing automation tool in which you can, for example, personalise content and create communication sequences.

ClickDimensions' campaign automation allows you to create interactive campaigns with alternative paths and messages that unfold based on the interactions of our users.

Lead scoring

This technique consists of giving a score to the leads to find out their degree of maturity for purchase. Depending on the interaction they have with our content or their demographic characteristics, they add up scores that help us to know when we can pass that lead on to the sales department. Lead scoring also helps us to segment user profiles and to better process the information by organising the data.


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