What's new and improved in Teams

Microsoft Teams usage has increased dramatically during the pandemic. Currently 115 million people use the tool every day. Its consolidation as a key application for teleworking, team building and maintaining remote productivity has been reinforced by the periodic new features and improvements that Microsoft is introducing in its functionalities. Many of these improvements are born from the suggestions of the users themselves, so their usefulness is of direct application in day-to-day work.

We review some of the latest news and enhancements in Teams

Teams and Outlook

One of the most requested features by Office 365 users is the integration of Teams with Outlook. A new feature makes it possible to "drag and drop" messages and files from Teams directly into Outlook. In other words, it is possible to automatically attach Teams content to e-mails. This greatly speeds up the process of sharing content that is worked on in the Teams environment with third parties.

Larger files

Teleworking is a reality and everything points to the fact that in one way or another it will be a necessity even in the coming months. In this sense, certain improvements are required to facilitate and streamline procedures in daily remote work. For example, Microsoft Teams will increase the maximum size of files that can be uploaded to 250 GB per file. This will make working in Teams even smoother.

Dynamics View

In March, a new feature will be launched that automatically changes the size and arrangement of windows in a video call based on the content displayed in the call. For example, it will be possible to share content next to the image of participants in a meeting. This enhancement to video calls is called Dynamic View and represents a breakthrough in remote meetings.


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