Hybrid work as a new labor reality

After evaluating the adaptation of workers, managers and organizations to remote work over the last year, Microsoft is betting on the hybrid environment as a key space in the future. The rapid and colossal transformation demanded by the spread of the pandemic starting in March of last year was a giant, impromptu test of the digital capability of businesses and other institutions such as the educational world to work in the virtual environment. The results have been good. Productivity levels have increased and both workers and managers (always speaking in general) are satisfied with teleworking. At least partially. And the fact is that the total return to the physical space of the office -preventive measures aside- is rejected by many. Technology gives us other options, so why not take advantage of them?

Hybrid work will be that third way that combines and integrates the physical and virtual space. It is also a response to the need for flexibility of some companies that require some of their workers to go, even if only occasionally, to a common physical collaboration space. The hybrid work promoted by Microsoft seeks new forms of collaboration that contribute to all the particular situations of each company.

The following is a summary of Microsoft's flexible work strategy:

A directive that empowers people to achieve flexibility

A clear strategy on the part of management is important. In this regard, they must determine who can always work remotely and who must come to the office, even if only sporadically. This organization also helps to prepare the company for sudden changes.

The reinvention of physical spaces

Collaboration is no longer exclusive to physical spaces. On the other hand, it is necessary to adapt physical spaces to the new reality. For example, through external collaboration centers for remote workers.

Another interest of Microsoft is to integrate face-to-face and remote experiences. This means combining the fact that some people meet physically and others virtually. To this end, Teams rooms are being innovated.

More technology that connects anywhere

The goal is to find a new experience for the digital employee. Teams has come a long way in this regard being the only platform that combines meetings, chats, calls and collaboration, all integrated with Office 365 apps and under strict security standards. With Microsoft Viva, the company intends to go even further as it is the first employee experience platform.


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