Teams Essentials

Teams Essentials and other platform innovations

We review the latest developments in Teams, the Microsoft platform that facilitates hybrid work for thousands of workers around the world. We highlight the launch of Teams Essentials, a version of the platform aimed at smaller companies.

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Windows 11

Windows 11: this is the new Microsoft operating system

Multitasking functions, renewed design... This is Windows 11, Microsoft's new operating system On October 5, Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 11, will be available. In a progressive update, depending on the type of device, the new operating system will be available.

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Business Central 2021 release (wave 2)

New features announced in Business Central 2021 release (wave 2) From October until March 2022, Microsoft launches the second wave of product updates. New features have been announced in some of the most demanded areas of the

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new features in microsoft 365

New features in Microsoft 365

New features announced in Microsoft 365 to make day-to-day work easier Microsoft has announced a new suite of enhancements to strengthen the blended workspace that has been adopted by thousands of companies around the world.

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Microsoft Azure Health Bot

Microsoft Azure Health Bot

Microsoft Azure Health Bot: Microsoft's healthcare bot During 2019, thousands of healthcare bots were created, which accounted for 1 billion messages delivered to more than 80 million people in 25

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text-to-speech technology

Text-to-speech technology

Text-to-speech technology makes more audiobooks available to people who are blind or visually impaired It is clear that the goal of technology is to make people's lives easier. In the age of

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what's new in microsoft 365

What's New in Microsoft 365 - Summer 2021

The latest developments in the Microsoft 365 environment seek to offer a more integrated experience for the user by deepening the connection between the tools that are part of their daily lives. We summarize the main new features in Microsoft 365

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Windows 365

Windows 365: PC in the cloud from Microsoft

Microsoft introduces Windows 365: a new operating system in the cloud With Windows 365, workers, system administrators and managers will be able to access their platforms from anywhere and from any type of device. The PC in the cloud is the latest

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