Second Release 2020 (wave 2) Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhancements and new features of the second release 2020 (wave 2) Microsoft Dynamics 365

Annually, Microsoft solutions release two major updates (in April and October) to introduce improvements and new features. The second release 2020 (wave 2) Microsoft Dynamics 365 has announced the new features that will be released from this October until March 2021. New capabilities to transform the business with the tools of Dynamics 365Power Platform and Common Data Service. In addition, data integration between different solutions and platforms is strengthened and improved.

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Dynamics 365 Marketing enhances the customer journey canvas experience and enables integration with Teams for virtual events. It also enables better segmentation with a new natural language experience for creating and querying segments.


Dynamics 365 Sales emphasizes simplified experiences and application integrations. It also launches a new mobile experience for quick access to customer information. Forecasting enhancements are also included to natively create and manage upstream sales processes.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is committed to accelerating sales, incorporating more intelligence to conversations and relationships and advanced forecasting functionalities. Channeling with predictive leads and opportunity scoring is also strengthened.

Customer service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service seeks to expand the productivity capabilities of agents as they will be able to participate simultaneously in multiple sessions. It also incorporates improvements in the omnichannel platform with additional extensibility options that allow integration with mobile apps, Microsoft Bot Framework and outbound messaging channels.

New capabilities are added to Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights to help agents with similar case suggestions to resolve issues quickly and easily. In addition to a new analysis view for customer service managers. This allows them to focus on support areas that need attention. These highlights will be included in the main Customer Service Center app.

New intelligence capabilities are incorporated into Dynamics 365 FIeld Service, including a new dashboard to monitor key KPIs and work order completion metrics. User experience enhancements are also introduced for proactive service delivery. Mobile app enhancements add, for example, push notifications and real-time location sharing. In addition, some scheduling enhancements are added such as manual multi-day scheduling and enhanced skill-based matching.

Human Resources

Dynamics 365 Human Resources expands leave, absence and benefits management capabilities to transform employee experiences. In addition, employees and administrators will be able to manage leaves and absences directly from Teams.


Service enhancements will be made to Business Central to meet customer demands for rapid growth, performance improvements, warehouse management and geographic expansion. In addition to support for VAT groups and further integration with Teams.


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