microsoft inspire 2021

Microsoft Inspire 2021

Main news announced during the biggest partner event of the year: Microsoft Inspire 2021 From July 14 to 16, the classic annual event for the partner community took place: Microsoft Inspire 2021. A new virtual edition in which,

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Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

Goom is a Microsoft Gold Partner We have obtained Gold competency as a Microsoft partner, a distinction that requires a high level of experience and certifications from our team. Being Gold makes us one of Microsoft's reference partners.

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new microsoft educational offerings

What's new in Microsoft's educational offerings

Microsoft announces a package of new features and enhancements to its educational offerings to consolidate the new teaching model Microsoft announces more than 30 new features and enhancements to its educational apps. The goal is to support the next phase of the

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news business central april 2021

Business Central News April 2021

With this year's first release of Microsoft versions, significant enhancements to the SMB solutions are being introduced. The new features and enhancements will be released in successive updates scheduled from April through September. In the case of Business

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hybrid work

Hybrid work as a new labor reality

After evaluating the adaptation of workers, managers and organizations to remote work over the last year, Microsoft is betting on the hybrid environment as a key space in the future. The rapid and colossal transformation demanded by the expansion of the

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microsoft cloud for industries

Microsoft Cloud: new clouds specialized in industries

The cloud specializes by industry with Microsoft Cloud for Industries Microsoft Cloud for Industries emerges by marrying common data models, cross-cloud connectors, workflows, APIs and industry-specific components with Microsoft cloud services. These services

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