Guía con la funcionalidad de Business Central: cómo cubrir la gestión integral de los procesos de negocio con el ERP de Microsoft

Hemos preparado esta guía funcional con los módulos de Business Central y cómo te puede ayudar a hacer más rentable tu negocio

Microsoft Business Central's functionality covers the different scenarios that any business faces. In addition, its flexibility allows us to adapt it to the requirements of each country and industry. 

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How to cover other requirements or business needs: integrations and developments

Compliance with tax obligations

Complies with state tax obligations (SII, IRPF, TicketBAI) and European data protection and security standards (GDPR).

Real-time reporting with Power BI

It integrates natively with Power BI and allows you to use business data to create reports that show the state of the business in real time.

Shopify ecommerce connector

It can be synchronized with the Shopify ecommerce platform to link online store information and business management, products, inventory, etc.

Integration with Microsoft 365 apps

Integration with Office apps: export and import to Excel, work from Microsoft Outlook, synchronization with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate and more.

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