The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, specifically Business Central, includes a basic warehouse management module and an Advanced Management System. The latter is for companies that need to automate their warehouse management processes and logistics operations.

The advanced warehouse management module is integrated with the purchasing, sales, financial, etc. modules... It is also integrated with Dynamics 365 for SALES or Customer Service, which allows you to share information on warehouse processes with the sales and customer service departments.


The use of an advanced integrated management system allows the operations and logistics departments to integrate operations into day-to-day operations and improve the productivity of the teams in the warehouse or in the transport of goods.

Having inventory information by warehouse, location and valuation or a product catalogue from manufacturers or suppliers is vital to optimise inventory management within the company.


The following are the general functions of the module general functions of the module:

Warehouse management

The stock flow in the warehouse can be divided into three basic processes:

Each process is made up of a series of warehouse handling activities. Receiving products involves the physical receipt of products on arrival at a warehouse and their subsequent placement. Handling involves repacking or finishing products for sale, counting inventory, supplying to production or simply moving products to optimise space.

Shipping products means preparing the stock of products and handing them over to the carrier, who will deliver them to the customers. For the operation to be efficient, warehouse managers need to know which products are to be shipped or used in production and which are expected to be received. In this way, they can calculate the expected workload and allocate warehouse resources accordingly. Employees in the purchasing and sales departments must be able to know where a particular order is in the warehouse handling process.

Warehouse Management Systems enables companies to manage all these activities as efficiently as possible. This module provides companies with the necessary functions to organise the receiving and dispatch processes and to help warehouse employees record the receipt of goods.

Purchasing management

The main standard functionalities included in this module are the following:

Direct shipments

It handles shipments directly from the supplier to the customer without the need to physically hold items in your warehouse, but controlling the costs and benefits of the operation. The drop-shipping process is based on the automatic link between sales and purchase orders that controls the internal sequence of posting tasks.

Inventory replenishment

Inventory reports

For company managers, especially those responsible for sales, purchasing and product catalogue management, this module offers an efficient and flexible way to obtain relevant and understandable information from the system to support everyday decision processes. From warehouse movements, this module generates a customisable analytical view in which analytical objects - customers, items and suppliers - can be added and combined as required.

With this module you can:

Basic Inventory


Business Central's standard ADVANCED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT solution is continuously improved by Microsoft every year, and can also be extended with:



Pricing and licensing of the Microsoft Logistics Management module is straightforward. In the context of Business Central, there are 2 options:

Logistics management software

Team Member

6,70 user/month
  • Full reading access and access to certain tasks (entry of production orders, orders, planning, warehouse management...).

Logistics management software

User Premium

  • Access to all capacities.

Theabove price includes everything: use of the software in the CLOUD, so there are no additional software or hardware costs.

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