Employee Self-Service Portal o Employee Portal is a space aimed at the company's employees where they can exchange knowledge and manage different aspects of their working life. It is a collaborative platform that is personalised with the company's corporate image.

It therefore establishes itself in the workplace as a space for questions, knowledge exchange and feedback. It allows the sharing of files and provides employees with the necessary tools to find out all the latest news and stay informed. On the other hand, it has a section for managing their personal data and for administering certain work-related issues. For example, consult payroll, manage holidays, etc.

There are different templates available for its creation and its use is easy and intuitive.


The Employee Portal offers a range of benefits that promote employee productivity and satisfaction:


Our developers have created a customisable solution that adapts to the image and needs of the company. Goom's consultancy team designs the right strategy for the tool to meet the needs of your business and presents you with the functional design of the solution.

Why can you trust us?


The next update of the portal will take place in April 2019 with those scheduled by Microsoft Dynamics 365. An increase of the existing functionalities is expected.


The Employee Portal and the information and data it includes can be integrated with other company solutions such as Dynamics CRM. In this way, the information is connected with other departments, but always respecting the current legislation on data protection (GDPR).

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